3Dnet’s PET-CT module is automatically up-to-date and allows doctors to carry out CT/PET scans. PET scanners is obliging and allows radiologists to successfully locate any traces of cancer. Treating and assessing patients is easier with DICOM data. Doctors can treat their patients straightforwardly with high quality scans received from the scanner. The PET-CT module allows doctors Read more about PET-CT[…]

Colon Polyp Detection CAD

The 3Dnet Colon Polyp Detection CAD module helps doctors effortlessly find any traces of cancer, bowel polyps or any abnormal growths in their patients. 3Dnet’s module allows doctors to support and deliver reassurance of any findings they come across. The software automatically detects large bowel polyps and allows doctors to access the risk of cancer Read more about Colon Polyp Detection CAD[…]

CT Colonography

The 3Dnet CT Colonography module assists doctors by automatically recording any signs of bowel cancer from their patients, and measuring the size of any polyps visible. 3Dnet provides operative virtual Colonography and high-resolution CT scans to help doctors in looking for any signs of liver, stomach or colon cancer. Our Colonography module allows doctors to then quick Read more about CT Colonography[…]

CT Calcium Scoring

3Dnet’s CT Calcium Scoring module performs allows doctors to use the results from CT scans to automatically detect any early signs of heart disease. CT Calcium Scoring provides an accurate measure of calcium on the arteries through a CT scanner. It assists doctors when assessing their patient’s health care by providing relevant diagnoses for patients who have received CT scans. Read more about CT Calcium Scoring[…]