Cloud PACS: Archiving, Visualization & Reporting

Our cloud-based Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) solution offers a comprehensive platform for storing, retrieving, distributing, and presenting medical images securely over the internet. It enables healthcare providers to manage diagnostic imaging data efficiently, facilitating collaboration and enhancing patient care. All delivered via a zero-footprint client.

Cloud Patient Portal: Dissemination & Sharing

Our cloud-based patient portal is a secure online platform that enables patients to access their medical records, including diagnostic imaging reports and images, from any internet-enabled device. It empowers patients to engage in their healthcare journey, communicate with providers, and access educational resources, all within a secure online environment.

Cloud Imaging Network: Image Exchange, Routing & Auto-Target Configuration

Our cloud-based imaging network is a secure platform that facilitates the exchange and sharing of diagnostic imaging data among healthcare providers and systems. It enables seamless interoperability and collaboration, allowing healthcare organizations to access and share imaging studies securely across the care continuum within a centralized cloud-based network.